Go From Fear To Faith To Fun, Tap Into Your Childlike Faith!

🌟 Unleash Your Inner Child for a Life Full of FUN and Fulfillment! 🌟

It's time to reconnect with that vibrant, carefree child within you and embark on a journey of rediscovery with FUN LIFE Coaching!

The secret to winning at FuNLiFE is one good choice at a time.

"The secret to winning at FuNLiFE is one good choice at a time"

FuNLiFE Coaching 

🚀 Activate Your Childlike Faith and Transform Your Reality 🚀🎈 Welcome to FUN LIFE Coaching - Where Growing Old is Optional 🎈

Are you living a balanced purposeful FuNLliFE? 

Do you have an amazing relationship with your kids? 

Is your marriage healthy and filled with romance?

Does your health and other aspects of your life suffer because of your career?

Do you have an FuN inner circle of friends that make you better?

Go from Survival to Stability, Stability to Success, and Success to Significance

Significance is when you help someone else Be, Do, or Have more than they thought possible. Your coach is in the significance business!

2020 Licensed Choose To Win Life Coach™

Your dreams are closer than you think and your journey will be more fun and fulfilling than you can imagine. Dig in - the more you put into the program, the more this program will get out of you!

12 Week Coaching Program
with Johnny Juan

What You'll Get:
  • 1 Hour Call Per Week
    12 Weeks with Johnny Juan Ortiz
  • Choose to Win
    Digital Workbook
  • Choose to Win 
    Private Facebook Group
Expert coaching that will enable you to overcome self-limiting beliefs and empower you to take steps forward. Each week you’ll learn easy-to-follow steps to reach your individual goals in seven key areas: mental, physical, spiritual, family, personal, financial, career and community. 


12 Week Breakdown:
  • Module 01: What is Your Why?
  • Module 02: What is Your Plan?
  • Module 03: Goals; Desire, Hope and Grit
  • Module 04: Mental
  • Module 05: Spiritual
  • Module 06: Physical
  • Module 07: Family
  • Module 08: Financial
  • Module 09: Personal
  • Module 10: Career
  • Module 11: The Perfect Start
  • Module 12: Choose To Win a Life Purpose

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  • 1 Hour Call Per Week
    12 Weeks with Johnny Juan Ortiz
  • Choose to Win
    Digital Workbook
  • Choose to Win 
    Private Facebook Group
Become equipped and empowered to take action toward creating a more fun and fulfilling balanced life, one simple step at a time. Furthermore, you will be able to apply life-enhancing tools over and over to create a RESILIENT fun life, blessing the world around you.

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On Your Call Ask Johnny Juan About...


Building Winning Relationships

Improve relationships and communication with others so you can retain employees, build stronger teams, and attract your ideal employees. Learn about sincere compliments, integrity, tempers and the blame game, application of the ‘Platinum Rule’, and becoming a ‘good-finder’.

Difficulties in relationships can lead to difficulties in every area of your life. It is important to consciously work on building positive relationships with those around you. If you can build winning relationships then you will have taken a huge step toward the success in life that you seek. 

This workshop will explore the specific steps you can take to build strong relationships both at home and at work. Strengthen your network of contacts and see opportunities open up that you never thought possible

Goal Setting and Achievement

Achieve your goals by mapping out and setting your goals using Mr. Ziglar’s Goal Setting formula.

The dictionary says a goal is an aim on purpose. It’s a plan. Something you expect to do. Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you do, you should have goals. Mothers should have goals. Sales people should have goals. Students, doctors, business people, athletes should have goals. With definite goals you release your own power, and things start happening. 

This workshop will help participants build a balanced life and achieve the goals they set for themselves. This skill-building training explains the necessity of having an organized goals program and the benefits of consistently achieving goals.  

Building The Best You

Unearth your utmost potential with "Building the Best You" by Zig Ziglar, a comprehensive guide dedicated to transforming your life's journey. 

Delve into essential areas such as nurturing a positive self-image, crafting and achieving SMART goals, staying continuously motivated, fostering enriching relationships, and maintaining a wholesome life balance. 

Ziglar's seasoned insights, coupled with real-life inspirational stories, provide an invaluable framework for overcoming obstacles and embracing a path of personal and professional success. Embark on this transformative expedition and cultivate the enduring growth, happiness, and fulfillment you richly deserve. Your path to the ultimate you begins here.

Top Performance

Embrace the pathway to unmatched success with the Top Performance Program, meticulously crafted to propel you towards achieving and exceeding personal and professional objectives. This exceptional program unfolds the secrets to bolstering self-confidence, mastering goal-setting, fine-tuning communication skills, and cultivating a mindset attuned to success and excellence. 

Immerse yourself in an enlightening journey filled with innovative strategies, practical tools, and the collective wisdom of renowned experts. With the Top Performance Program, encounter a holistic transformation that transcends conventional boundaries, positioning you at the pinnacle of success and accomplishment. 

Make the leap today and witness a phenomenal elevation in every aspect of your life, marking the onset of a distinguished and top-performing journey in all arenas.
Meet Your Coach
Meet the one and only Johnny-Juan Ortiz, a name that's practically synonymous with charisma and zest for life! Growing up in the heart of Tyler, he's not just a local kid but a true gem of the community. Back in his high school days at John Tyler HS, Johnny-Juan was already a fun individual to be around.

Dabbling in Psychology, Art, and Manufacturing Graphics at TJC, Johnny-Juan was on a quest for knowledge, but life had a few detours planned. Ever the adventurer, he took an unexpected route into the world of sales, all due to economics – the kind of twist that makes for a great story at get togethers. 

But don't let that detour fool you. Johnny-Juan's appetite for education never wavered. He stacked up certifications like trophies and even emerged as a Zig Ziglar Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach right at the inception of the pandemic. Talk about turning challenges into opportunities!

Now, why did he stick around in the world of sales, you ask? Well, sometimes accidents lead us to the most wonderful discoveries, and Johnny-Juan discovered a passion for automotive dealership financing, consumer lending, and banking. He didn't just sell – he crafted dreams and financial solutions with every handshake.

Fast forward to the last 6 years, and Johnny-Juan's been spreading homeownership dreams like confetti in a parade, specializing in mortgage lending. But there's more to him than mortgages and spreadsheets. He's on a mission, a mission to share the wisdom of life skills, budgeting hacks, credit-building secrets, and the incredible potential we all have within us.

When he's not donning his financial superhero cape, you'll find him basking in the glow of his family – a trio of incredible kids (Jazelle, Juan Jr., and Janie), all alongside his high school sweetheart, Angie. With 25+ years of love, they're not just a couple; they're an institution.

But wait, there's more! Johnny-Juan is like the community's go-to guide for everything awesome. He's a board member for PATH and St. Paul's Children Services, a pillar in the Hispanic community and part of the Hispanic Professional Association of Tyler (HAPT), a driving force at First Apostolic Church of Tyler, a mentor, a teacher, and even a musical harmonizer in the Praise & Worship Team. Talk about being involved!

Remember the Tyler Evening Toastmasters? Yep, he was their President during the pandemic, steering them through challenges like a captain on a stormy sea. He's all about finding voices and turning them into roars of confidence. As well as donating his time and talents to the Literacy Council of Tyler's Bilingual Entrepreneur's program helping new and soon to be business owners navigate uncharted territory. 

But the flurry of activity doesn't stop there. He's a literacy champion, nurturing the joy of reading like a devoted gardener tending to precious blooms. And as if that weren't enough, he sprinkles entrepreneurial wisdom like fairy dust through Zig Ziglar's golden words – "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
Art courses through his veins, and he spends his spare moments painting and drawing masterpieces that reflect the vivid hues of his personality. Local events? He's there, lending a hand like a modern-day superhero, giving back to the very community that's molded him.

Johnny-Juan's goal? Oh, it's grand but oh-so-noble – to add value to lives, to make Tyler an even greater playground for generations to come. So, if you ever find yourself in Tyler and hear whispers of an extraordinary man who's the life of the community, look no further – it's Johnny-Juan Ortiz, the man with a heart as big as the Texas sky.

Johnny Juan's Mission

Is to impact others by working with them to unveil areas where their lives are not working optimally while supporting them to unlock their full potential for all-round success in life by making one small choice at a time through a sequence of easy-to-follow steps in seven key areas:


Go from Survival to Stability, Stability to Success, and Success to Significance. Significance is when you help someone else Be, Do, or Have more than they thought possible. Your coach is in the significance business!
You can take control of your destiny and leave the lasting legacy you've dreamed about and deserve. You simply need to choose to do so.
-Tom Ziglar

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